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The annual DESY Theory Workshop is organized by the elementary particle physics community in Germany. The focus is on a topical subject in theoretical particle physics and related fields. The workshop features:

     * Four half-day plenary sessions of specialized talks by invited speakers
     * Two half-days of parallel sessions, allowing young researchers to present their work
     * The DESY Heinrich-Hertz-Lecture on Physics for public outreach

Plenary Talks
A.H. Chamseddine (Beirut), M. Cirelli (CERN), K. Danzmann (Hannover), P. Di Bari (Southampton), B. Wandelt (Paris), J. Dunkley (Oxford/Princeton), G. Dvali (Munich), B. Garbrecht (Aachen), I. Kirsch (DESY), T. Konstandin (CERN), A. Lindner (DESY), L. McAllister (Cornell), P. Schleper (Hamburg), B. Schutz (Golm), M. Shaposhnikov (Lausanne), A.A. Starobinsky (Moscow), A. Vikman (CERN), C. Weinheimer (Münster), P. Wells (CERN), S. Zaroubi (Groningen)
DESY Heinrich Hertz Lecture on Physics
T.T. Yanagida (IPMU Tokyo)
Wednesday, September 28, 2011, DESY Auditorium

Parallel Sessions and Convenors
Contributions by young researchers are especially encouraged. Abstracts can be submitted to the convenors before August 31, 2011. Limited financial support for young physicists is available.

Particle Phenomenology: M. Krämer (Aachen), T. Mannel (Siegen)
Cosmology & Astroparticle Physics: L. Covi (Göttingen) , D. Schwarz (Bielefeld)
Strings & Mathematical Physics: T. Weigand (Heidelberg), M. Zagermann (Hannover)
Organizing Committee
J. Berges, W. Buchmüller, L. Covi, H. Dreiner, A. Hebecker, V. Mukhanov (chair), O. Philipsen, A. Ringwald, D. Schwarz, G. Sigl, Y.Y.Y. Wong, M. Zagermann

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