Parallel Sessions

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Session 1A: Particle Phenomenology
Bldg. 5, Main Auditorium – Chair: M. Krämer

14:00–14:20 I.1 Fitting Mixed Modulus-Anomaly Mediated SUSY Breaking and distinguishing from the CMSSM
                       at the LHC
                       Tattersall, Jamie ( Bonn)

14:20–14:40 I.2 Light NMSSM Higgs bosons in SUSY cascades
                       Stål, Oscar (DESY)

14:40–15:00 I.3 Three-loop anomalous dimensions for squarks in SUSY QCD
                        Hermann, Thomas (TTP, Karlsruhe)

15:00–15:20 I.4 Heavy flavor 3-loop corrections to Deep Inelastic Scattering
                        Wissbrock, Fabian (DESY Zeuthen)

15:20–15:40 COFFEE BREAK

Session 1B: Particle Phenomenology
Bldg. 5, Main Auditorium – Chair: T. Mannel

15:40–16:00 I.5 The fine-tuning and phenomenology of the generalixed NMSSM
                        Schmidt-Hoberg, Kai (Oxford)

16:00–16:20 I.6 Precise Prediction for the W boson mass in models beyond the SM
                        Zeune, Lisa (DESY)

16:20–16:40 I.7 Form Factors and Strong Couplings of Heavy Baryons from QCD Light-Cone Sum Rules
                        Wang, Yuming ( Siegen)

16:40–17:00 I.8 Gravitino LSP and long-lived staus at the LHC
                        Heisig, Jan (Hamburg)

17:00–17:20 I.9 Effect of SUSY-QCD corrections on the dark matter relic density
                        Harz, Julia (DESY)


Session 2A: Cosmology & Astroparticle Physics, - Dark Matter -
Bldg. 2a Room: Sem. 2 – Chair: L. Covi

14:00–14:20 II.1 Quartic coupling in Inert Double Model & DM data
                        Sokolowska, Dorota (Warsaw)

14:20–14:40 II.2 Pressure from DM annihilation and the rotation curve of spiral galaxies
                        Wechakama, Maneenate (Potsdam)

14:40–15:00 II.3 Implications of CoGeNT's New Results for DM
                        Kelso, Chris (Chicago)

15:00–15:20 II.4 Bayesian analysis of current DD experiments
                        Arina, Chiara (RWTH Aachen)

15:20–15:40 COFFEE BREAK

Session 2B: Cosmology & Astroparticle Physics, - Early Universe -
Bldg. 2a Room: Sem. 2 – Chair: L. Covi

15:40–16:00 II.5 Thermal decoupling in DM models with Sommerfeld-enhanced annihilation rates
                         Van den Aarssen, Laura (Hamburg)

16:00–16:20 II.6 Reheating, Matter, Dark Matter - All you need is Neutrino Decays
                         Schmitz, Kai (DESY)

16:20–16:40 II.7 SO(10)-inspired Leptogenesis
                         Marzola, Luca (Southampton)

16:40–17:00 II.8 The primordial Lithium problem: Can We Avoid New Physics?
                         Chakraborty, Nachiketa (Urbana)

Session 3A: Cosmology & Astroparticle Physics, - Inflation -
Bldg. 1 Room: Sem. 1 – Chair: D. Schwarz

14:00–14:20 III.1 Towards Matter Inflation in Effective Heterotic SUGRA
                         Halter, Sebastian (MPI Munich)

14:20–14:40 III.2 Inflation and gravitino DM embedded in GMSB
                         Kamada, Kohei (DESY)

14:40–15:00 III.3 Inflation and non-minimal scalar-curvature coupling in gravity and supergravity
                         Ketov, Sergei (Tokyo)

15:00–15:20 III.4 The overshoot problem in inflation after tunneling
                          Vaudrevange, Pascal (DESY)

15:20–15:40 COFFEE BREAK

Session 3B: Cosmology & Astroparticle Physics, - Inflation -
Bldg. 1 Room: Sem. 1 - Chair: D. Schwarz

15:40–16:00 III.5 Cosmological decoherence in the framework of stochastic inflation
                          Weenink, Jan (Utrecht)

16:00–16:20 III.6 Goldstone bosons in Higgs inflation
                          Mooij, Sander (NIKHEF)

16:20–16:40 III.7 UV-protected (Natural) Inflation: Primordial Fluctuations and non-Gaussian Features
                          Watanabe, Yuki (LMU Munich)

16:40–17:00 III.8 Non-Gaussianities in single field models without slow-roll
                          Noller, Johannes (IC London)

17:00–17:20 III.9 A Conformal Bi-metric Model for the Inflationary Phase
                          Palumbo, Giandomenico (Pavia)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Session 1A: Particle Phenomenology
Bldg. 5, Main Auditorium – Chair: M. Krämer

14:00–14:20 I.1 Direct stau production at hadron colliders in cosmologically motivated scenarios
                        Lindert, Jonas (MPI Munich)

14:20–14:40 I.2 Knotted strings and leptonic flavour structure
                        Leser, Philipp (Dortmund)

14:40–15:00 I.3 Production of the Exotic 1 - - Hadrons phi(2170), X(4260) and Yb(10890) at the LHC
                        and Tevatron via the Drell-Yan Mechanism
                        Wang, Wei (DESY)

15:00–15:20 I.4 Electroweak constraints on non-minimal UED and split UED and implication for the KK mass
                        Flacke, Thomas (Würzburg)

15:20–15:40 I.5 Non-diagonal current correlators with two different masses up to three-loop order
                        Hoff, Jens (TTP, Karlsruhe)

15:40–16:00 I.6 Subleading-N improved Parton showers
                        Plätzer, Simon (DESY)

16:00–16:20 I.7 Numerical evaluation of QCD oneloop amplitudes
                        Biedermann, Benedict (HU Berlin)

16:20–16:40 COFFEE BREAK

Session 1B: Particle Phenomenology
Bldg. 5, Main Auditorium – Chair: T. Mannel

16:40–17:00 I.8 Threshold resummation for squark- and gluino hadroproduction
                        Brensing, Silja Christine (DESY)

17:00–17:20 I.9 Local CP-violation in quark gluon plasma: a lattice study
                        Kalaydzhyan, Tigran (DESY)

17:20–17:40 I.10 Simultaneous decoupling of bottom and charm quarks
                         Höschele, Maik (TTP, Karlsruhe)

17:40–18:00 I.11 Flavour issues for a heavy scalar spectra with a low gluino mass: the G2-MSSM case
                         Velasco-Sevilla, Liliana (Cinvestav)

18:00–18:20 I.12 Quasi-stable neutralinos at the LHC
                         Hajer, Jan (DESY)

18:20–18:40 I.13 Higgs boson production in gluon fusion to NNLO in the MSSM
                         Zerf, Nikolai (TTP, Karlsruhe)

18:40–19:00 I.14 CP-mirror Extension of Standard Model in SU(3) x SU(2)L x SU(2)R x U(1)I
                          Satriawan, Mirza (Gadjah Mada University)

Session 2A: Cosmology & Astroparticle Physics, - Cosmic Rays -
Bldg. 2a Room: Sem. 2 –Chair: L. Covi

14:00–14:20 II.1 Diffuse Galactic Gamma-Rays at intermediate and high Latitudes, Constraints on ISM properties
                        and DM
                        Tavakoli, Maryam (SISSA)

14:20–14:40 II.2 Cosmic ray-DM scattering
                        Ubaldi, Lorenzo (Hamburg)

14:40–15:00 II.3 Radio data and synchrotron emission in consistent cosmic ray models
                        Bringmann, Torsten (Hamburg)

15:00–15:20 II.4 Solar Modulation, Fermi, PAMELA and DM searches
                         De Boer, Wim (KIT)

15:20–15:40 II.5 Sharp gamma-ray spectral features in IDMS
                         Calore, Francesca (Hamburg)

15:40–16:00 II.6 Status of the AMS-02 detector on the ISS
                         Heil, Melanie (KIT)

16:00–16:20 II.7 UHE Neutrinos and the Glashow resonance
                         Watanabe, Atsushi (Niigata)

16:20–16:40 COFFEE BREAK

Session 2B: Cosmology & Astroparticle Physics, - Cosmic Structure and Evolution -
Bldg. 2a Room: Sem. 2 – Chair: D. Schwarz

16:40–17:00 II.8 How sensitive is the CMB to a single lens?
                         Rathaus, Ben (Tel Aviv)

17:00–17:20 II.9 Primordial decays and non-Gaussianities
                         Lepidi, Angela (LMU Munich)

17:20–17:40 II.10 The matter bispectrum in the Lagrangian framework
                          Rampf, Cornelius (RWTH Aachen)

17:40–18:00 II.11 A fitting formula for the effects of massive neutrinos in the nonlinear regime
                          Boriero, Daniel (UNICAMP / RWTH Aachen)

18:00–18:20 II.12 Dark goo: bulk viscosity as an alternative to DE
                          Gagnon, Jean-Sebastien (Darmstadt)

18:20–18:40 II.13 Bulk Viscous Universes
                          Velten, Hermano (Bielefeld)

Session 3A: Strings & Mathematical Physics
Bldg. 1 Room: Sem. 1 – Chair: M. Zagermann

14:00–14:20 III.1 Massive Abelian Gauge Symmetries and Fluxes in F-Theory
                         Kerstan, Max (heidelberg)

14:20–14:40 III.2 The problematic backreaction of SUSY-Breaking branes
                         Junghans, Daniel (Hannover)

14:40–15:00 III.3 A sufficient condition for de Sitter vacua in type IIB string theory
                         Rummel, Markus (Hamburg)

15:00–15:20 III.4 The massless string spectrum on AdS3xS3 from the supergroup
                          Gerigk, Sebastian (ETH Zurich)

15:20–15:40 III.5 Semi-Classical Charged Black Holes
                          Gautason, Fridrik F. (Hannover)

15:40–16:00 III.6 Chirality inducing G4-flux in F-theory compactifications
                          Krause, Sven (Heidelberg)

16:00–16:20 III.7 Experimental tests of multimetric gravity -- gravitational waves and the cosmos
                          Hohmann, Manuel (Hamburg)

16:20–16:40 COFFEE BREAK

Session 3B: Strings & Mathematical Physics
Bldg. 1 Room: Sem. 1 – Chair: M. Zagermann

16:40–17:00 III.8 Dilaton gravity at the brane with general matter-dilaton coupling
                         Konikowska, Dominika (Würzburg)

17:00–17:20 III.9 f(T) gravity models
                         Karami, Kayoomars/Abdolmaleki, Asrin (Kurdistan U.)

17:20–17:40 III.10 A common framework for Minimal length and Doubly Special relativity
                           Panes, Boris (Hamburg)

17:40–18:00 III.11 Local CP-violation in quark gluon plasma: a holographic study
                          Kalaydzhyan, Tigran (DESY)


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